Monday, March 22, 2010

Troy Polamalu

Troy Polamalu is a great athlete and Catholic who I admire very much. He is one of the NFL players that participates in the NFL's Play 60 for kids, a program to encourage kids and their parents to stay active. He has played in two Superbowls and helped lead his team to victory. I respect how hard he has to train to be a good athlete. Also, Polamalu is a good Catholic because before his games, on Sunday, he goes to Mass. He is not afraid to show his faith when he is on the field by making the sign of the cross before and after every play; and he credits God for his abilities. He says that he prays the Hail Mary, Our Father and the Memorare every day. Troy Polamalu is a Catholic athlete who is an excellent role model. I really admire him.